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Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
12:04 am
on saturday we hunter made us dinner and then we played a game together
tonight we watch a movie and played a game
Monday, April 24th, 2006
7:49 pm
Magestry four, woohoo! Swordspeaker next event.
2:29 am
silent hill 4 peoples
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
2:33 am
today hunter nick and i worked on a project
hunter's jacket which he will be wearing to the fey ball
the day before blake hunter and i watched memoirs of a geisha and had a discussion of it
we also discussed wow in a round table discussion all 4 members being present
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
4:40 pm
So Paul sends me an e-mail all like "You piece of shit, lrn2tiepackets!", and I'm all like "woah there homo, some other nub tied 'dem packets" and he's all like "Oh. Whatevah!". Which goes to show, our packets own, everyone else's suck dick.

I'm pretty much done with classes til around Wednesday of next week, so if you guys wanna do anything in that time, let me know. I'll probably see you both on Sunday anyways.
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
1:18 pm
yesterday blake hunter and i went rollerblading
(sorry nick it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing)
and that should count for happy points

should we try to weasel easter into counting...3 of us will be there...

NICK i think you should pick one day a week and come up here and we'll do something

we arent quite making as many points as we could and if you were here it would push that
mon tues weds are realy good days for doing things for hunter and i
blake is a grab bag
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
4:17 pm
Congratulations, Partiers. It seems we've singlehandedly taken the spell packet problem of Magestry and given it a thurough flogging about the head and shoulders with a bit of rope and a rock. This event was the first time in a while that I've seen NPCs with a large amount of packets on each trip out (one of Stricker's DRA had several handfulls of packets). So, pay yourselves across the back, we've done much good.

A quick rundown of the good parts event, since you both missed it:
-Anuerin was arrested for stealing a crystal berry (things used to make a forcefield to protect the new spirit sub-realm which is used to keep spirits from going to the Wolf Lord. She is to be tried this coming event. She has also been stripped of her title of Spirit Hunter by Luther.
-Who's a Sapshirian Hunter? This guy!
-Though there were only 8 NPCs, they managed to keep things going this event. Nowhere near as much downtime as last event.

My wallet is already weeping for the coming event. We should attempt to get together this week for more guild activities, since we didn't do squat last week.

Don't get caught.
Friday, March 31st, 2006
9:14 pm
Of packets, and packetry
Well, as you both obviously know, spell packets seem to be the "in" thing to do these days. For a brief recap, we've so far consumed:
-12 yards of fabric (yikes!)
- ~15-20lbs of birdseed

We've made two or three shopping bags full of these lil fuckers. But we aren't done yet. I don't want to stop til Paul threatens to dock us BP for making the damn things. But hey, they're easy to make, and cost effective (money spent on packets so far: ~$30, tops).

Of course, doing one thing forever gets boring. So, how about some ideas for other Magestry service projects? NPC seems to be down on weapons at the moment. The problem with helping out with this is that the materials are not cheap, and Hunter seems to be the only one competant at making them. But hey, I did spy some appropriate-sized PVC pipe in the shed when I was home last, if you feel like going down that route, though I know I don't have the money for a boffer binge.

We kicked around the idea for some kind of art project a while ago. I'm not much an artsy person myself, but if you guys want to try something along those lines, I'll be happy to do something more mundane to help the project out.

Boffer practice: I recently purchased Florentine for Balthazaar, to rock out some nice TWF goodness. The problem with this is that I have not used two weapons since Baeric passed ever-so-peacfully into the night. I'd like to get in some practice before this coming event, personally, and certainly before the next one. And I think you guys could use some practice as well (Hunter, I've gone against your NPCs enough times to safely say this with certainty). Even if you plan on NPCing and only playing peaceful or passive characters, practice is good, not just to know how to control a weapon offensively, but also to have a firm grasp on blocking and parrying skills to save your hide.

Moose Day: do you guys want to try and head to Chesterfield and do this as a guild project? Even if we go for a scant two hours, it's 80BP a piece, plus gas embursment. In the past, Moosers have had to reshingle rooves of cabins, grind and repaint rowboats, put together the amphitheater benches, and other various work bits. The weather will only get better, and it'd be refreshing to do an activity that didn't involve being inside for several hours dealing with squares of fabric and birdseed.

And one final thought: when I turn in the most recent bag of packets, it is going to be from Myself, Hunter, and Shana. With the previous bag, you all helped in at least some small way, but as Blake was at work this time, he was unable to. While it would be great to have all of our names on the bag, BP is split between the constituant parties (and to think, I am but 10BP from Magestry 3). Keep in mind, we all recieve guild points for doing this, I'm just speaking in terms of Brownie points.

Til next time, beware Werewolves, for they bite hard, and are attracted to boys. And start posting shit here so I don't look like a pud. Fuckers.
Friday, March 24th, 2006
10:35 pm
Bawls of dume
Well, Paul just sent me an e-mail asking me to make him some spell packets. Apparently he forgot that I promised to do it last season. So take heart, our hour or two of retarded labor will not be in vain. Next item on the list: more bawls! We made a hefty number, sure, but not nearly enough, I think. After this event (which you two are probably at right now), we should all pitch in to buy some fabric and another bag of seed (we have more than enough yarn). As Hunter and I found, making these things isn't nearly as tedious when there's a good dose of retardation thrown in.

Oh, and next time you guys feel like not listening to your retarded guild's retarded chat, feel free to head over to the Blackrock Iron Brigade's ventrilo server (I can provide the information for it eventually, still pending agreement from the leader. He might not appreciate two or three random people who aren't even on the server hanging out being useless). We can discuss magestry guild business, gossip, and call my guildmate's gay.

And on that note, I was in an MC raid that downed Ragnaros yesterday. We went from Sulfuras to Ragnaros with only a single wipe on Majordomo, which I was astounded by (and the fucker was uncouth enough to drop the eye instead of the leaf. Fucker!). But of course that means no MC for me in the coming week, since I'm saved to Whiskey teams instance til Tuesday, and I run with Tango team normally on Sunday and Monday...

My job leads to innane babble. Deal with it.

Til nextime, stay away from ze Germans.

Current Mood: Work
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
1:23 am
First official post in the new community. Here's where we can at least attempt to get in touch with eachother ahead of time, instead of calling certain people up a half hour before an activity is planned to tell him said activity has been planned.

Anyways, since I'm bored, I'll throw up a small list of the great accomplishments of this great establishment insofar.

-Started the guild
-Roundtable discussion
-Played an RPG
-Went out to eat (Bueno Y Sano's)
-Cooked dinner and ate it
-Art project (packets)
-Saw a movie and talked about it (History of Violence)
-Had a roundtable discussion (may or may not have been about pwning newbs and/ or the most infuriating rogue weapon combo (Aurastone Hammer and Azuresong Mageblade, if you were wondering)).

So yeah, that's quite a few points right there. And since Hunter has spring break now, how about some D&D this week?
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